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30-something, single with a side hustle

  • Top 5 Tips for Starting up your Side Hustle

    thinking about setting up your side hustle? Here are my top 5 tips from someone who built it from scratch.
  • The Litwicks Story

    The most frequent questions I get asked, is about how I set up a side hustle. That and and how I manage juggling a full time job as well as Litwick...
  • How does the defendant plead?

    I’ll be honest, its been a crappy week. Im currently sat in a coffee shop in Derby after spending the morning in court. If you've been following my...
  • Men waving big red flags

    My love life to date has been embarrassing , if a man comes along waving a massive red flag i'm like a moth to a flame. And then every time a guy lets me down those walls around me grow stronger, Daniel Craig with a stick of dynamite would struggle (well perhaps not). How do you strike the balance of protecting yourself from rats, at the same time as going into new relationships with an open heart and vulnerability?