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We host candle making workshops most weeks and they're so much fun, plus you get to take home your very own candle made by you!

The session takes about 1 hour and includes;

  • basic introduction to candle making and all the tools you need to make your own.
  • Learning about essential oils and the properties behind each one, then some time smelling and blending your own concoction
  • Wicking your candle and pouring the wax

 Groups range from 12 -30 people, and everyone gets to take home their very own bespoke full size candle. 

Next Candle making workshops;

21st November at 106 Baker Street 6.30-8.30pm click here to book.

28th November at Boomcycle Battersea 7.30-9.30pm click here to book.

Private Events

We also work with companies who host workshops in the workplace or for clients. Facebook, Adidas, The Collective and The Wing just to name a few. Or if you're having a Hen Party and want a fun session with a few drinks we can always arrange for you. 

If you're interested in booking a private session get in touch at